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Welcome to the first Virtual Law firm in the U.K. “made in Italy”

Palazzo Law Boutique is the first and unique Virtual law firm in the U.K. specialising in Italian Law. Through a digital platform, it’s changing the way of delivering expertise on Italian Law. Essentially, it offers a profitable way of working for both lawyers and clients. The firm operates in England as Exception European Practice (Sra no. 637562) and is uniquely regulated by the Italian Law Society.

At Palazzo Law Boutique we aim to bring innovative solutions for private and businesses with interests in Italy. Through a leading case management system, a secure intranet, and a very efficient client portal, we propose an online law firm. This means online legal services accessible from any devices, at any time, regardless of your location.

We work from virtual offices, co-working spaces or from home. This allows us to dictate the type of work, its volume, and location without being bound by a traditional law firm environment. Essentially, we work on a freelance basis by exploiting the use of new technologies.

In term of costs, we offer expertise via pay-per-minutes audio and video calls. However, meetings ‘face-to-face’ are also possible when needed. We do not need a traditional law firm infrastructure to carry out a task. That’s why we do not charge you three or four times what the lawyers receive.  

Our mission is to offer a worthwhile-high quality alternative rather than a classic law firm approach.


Online legal services

Our Virtual Italian lawyers offer advice on most areas of Italian law, with a free, initial consultation. This is to allow you have a good understating of your legal case from the outset. As senior-level business lawyers with a solid experience of working in leading international law firms, we can also help you with issues regarding international law. Our online legal services are easily accessible whenever you need. Enjoy a loyal, confident and professional relationship with your lawyer in a transparent way. Submit your enquiry. We will be in touch within 24 h.


Join us

Our Virtual law firm offers an enormously rewarding alternative career to the traditional, office-bound lawyer job. With our way of working, you can really take control of the hours you work. Therefore you could enjoy more quality time to spend with your family or pursue other interests. You’ll feel more energised and more motivated. All our lawyers work on a freelance basis. They are consultants, working under a consultancy agreement. If you’d like to join us, click here for more information.


Find a Virtual Lawyer

Our team consists of lawyers working at the leading edge of most areas of Italian law, both in UK and Italy. Whatever is your need, we’re sure we can provide the right virtual lawyer for you. No matters how much your case is complex, we’re able to handle it. With a solid experience in international roles, we stand out for  the quality of our services. Each lawyer is either qualified in Italy or in other EU jurisdictions and specialised across a specific area of activity. If you’d like to find out about who we are, please click the link below.


Why us

We cannot say whether our Virtual law firm is the best or not for you. That is for you to decide. But what we can say is that we will work hard to achieve the best outcome, for you and for us. As Italian lawyers, we have a considerable experience assisting English and Italian speaking clients, both in Italy and UK. We are pride ourselves on giving straightforward legal advice in plain English and Italian. Moreover, we can help overcome cultural and linguistic barriers. Basically, our Virtual law firm is all you need for a successful outcome.



We’re here to help answer your questions. Italian matters can be complicated, our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. We take great pride in using our expertise for you and look forward to hearing from you.