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Commercial law Practice

Alt = commercial law practice
As a commercial law Practice, we have developed a low-cost firm model based on a team of Virtual lawyers with a solid business background. As such we offer bespoke legal advice and assistance to individuals and businesses facing the complex commercial law system. Our area of specialisation is commercial law as well as Italian law as most of us are native Italian lawyers.

A commercial law practice with a strong technology focus

The legal industry keeps changing on daily basis and many clients are not happy with the traditional law firms approach. This is where Palazzo law Boutique comes in. Through the use of new technologies, it offers a commercial law practice online (online law firm) to access legal know-how whenever needed.  Whether you are a commercial or individual client, it can help you find the right commercial lawyer at any time!

Our commercial law practice is formed and regulated in the same way as a traditional law firm. What makes it different from a classic law firm is the absence of a traditional brick-and-mortar office as well as the fact that our virtual lawyers are self-employed consultants instead of partners or employees.

Our commercial and business lawyers operate in a virtual way

We’re a group of self-employed business lawyers harnessing remote IT access and flexible working hours to provide innovative solutions to clients. Efficient, professional, and flexible, we come from top universities, firms and companies and have passed our approval process. Our team includes qualified lawyers, consultants, and niche practitioners. Some run their own practice, whilst others just want to practice law on a freelance basis.  Together, we provide an efficient service of the highest quality to all our clients in a virtual way. 

Client Communications and Documents are stored and exchanged virtually 

We handle the majority of our clients’ communications and documents with a cloud-based service. As such files can be easily stored and shared by our virtual commercial attorneys no matter where they are located. Therefore, each lawyer or attorney has a secure communication document storage and mobile access to files.

Because our commercial law Practice handles sensitive information, a high level of security is our main concern. Our cloud-based service, however, uses high-grade encryption to protect communications and information. It is compliant with Law Society and SRA regulations and is secure and robust for your ultimate peace of mind. Essentially, we can engage with our clients through secure online portals.

Our values

At Palazzo Law Boutique our virtual lawyers:

  • Believe in innovation and in turn being flexible and professional in how we provide our legal services.
  • Put our clients’ interest first of all and work very proactively to achieve their goals.
  • Believe that businesses wishing to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s global market must develop an efficacy international business strategy;
  • Attend business practices whenever possible and hold ourselves professional to the highest standards.
  • Strive hard to reduce overheads, increase profitability and give straightforward legal advice in plain English or Italian.
  • Value diligence, integrity, and passion for our work.

Services we can not offer through a virtual commercial law practice

There may be some practice areas and legal matters that do not translate as well into the services offered through a virtual commercial law practice. Moreover, you may also be less comfortable using technology. In those cases, we adequately inform you of the limitations of those services and therefore invite you to a meeting face-to-face. Here we discuss the best solution for both you and us.

Areas of activity

We noticed that clients may be often overwhelmed by cultural and linguistic barriers of foreign legal systems. That’s why we have only selected virtual lawyers with a good understanding of various legal jurisdictions. We offer bespoke legal advice and assistance step by step on a wide range of sectors, both on Italian law and International regulations. As such we use the most advanced tools, resources, and techniques to analyse, develop, and represent your case.

Should you need a business contract lawyer, or have any issues regarding commercial law UK,  please feel free to drop a message at any time. Alternately, you may fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly. 


We’re here to help answer your questions. Italian matters can be complicated, our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. We take great pride in using our expertise for you and look forward to hearing from you.