International trade has become vital to the well-being of the worldwide economy and is an economic necessity for many firms. Engaging in international trade, however, is not without its risks. Managing these risks often requires the assistance of skilled and experienced professionals. Here we are to help you.

Palazzo Law Boutique is an award-winning niche law firm mainly specialising in customs and international trade law.

With offices in London and Milan, we are expert trade lawyers who understand the needs of businesses in today’s global trade environment and the importance of the bottom line. We provide expertise, guidance and resources needed to navigate all tiers and levels of the trade industry.

We have solid experience in representation of Foreign Companies across several countries, including China, the U.K., the UAE and Italy, and can support them from the Strategic Planning to participate in the market, Trademark Registries, Regulations and Permits of Governments, Legal Structure, Contracts, Start Local Operations, Marketing, Selection and Recruitment of Personnel, Administration, Taxes, Customs, Logistics, Support for Foreign Executives in family logistics and housing.

Our trade lawyers operate within a specific jurisdiction and are specialised across a specific area of activity, as at Palazzo Law Boutique we do not believe that one firm or individual may afford to offer a bespoke legal service in all the fields of advice.

Our mission is to help our clients reach their business goals and take full advantages connected with going international, as that means increasing profitability and growth in market value.



Our international trade lawyers are constantly focused on the challenges of the different legal and regulatory environments and work in synergy to provide you with a high-quality legal service at an extremely competitive rate. With their knowledge and experience at your service, you will be able to identify and leverage your core competencies and that of your company, running successfully your business in a foreign market. They offer expert legal advice across a range of specialist practice areas and across several sectors.


Through the use of new technologies, a secure intranet, and a very efficient client portal, we may offer an online law firm to access legal know-how whenever needed.  Indeed, our trade lawyers may work from virtual offices, co-working spaces or from home and then dictate the type of work, its volume, and location without being bound by a traditional law firm environment, as well as harnessing remote IT access and flexible working hours to provide innovative solutions to our clients.  

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Our international law firm offers an enormously rewarding alternative career to the traditional, office-bound lawyer job. With our way of working, you can really take control of the hours you work. Therefore you could enjoy more quality time to spend with your family or pursue other interests. You’ll feel more energised and more motivated. All our trade lawyers work on a freelance basis, i.e. under a consultancy agreement. If you would like to submit your application, please do get in touch via email.

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“It was a pleasure working with Palazzo Law Boutique. Davide drew up some bespoke commercial contracts I asked legal advice for and spent a lot of time supporting me whenever I needed to. With his expertise at my disposal, I’ve been able to start off my business in the U.K.”

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Find And Exploit Import Export Business Opportunities With The Guidance Of An Expert Trade Attorney. Learn More About The Main Trade Markets Listed Below And Get In Touch For A Consultation.

Our international trade lawyers will help you navigate the internalisation process with utmost security, and provide you with the assistance you need to select reliable partners with extensive experience in a specific target market, as this is the key to making your project a success. Likewise, they will carry out a bespoke analysis of the market you want to invest in and advise you on how to do business abroad successfully. They will focus on the type of business you want to carry out; on the services or products you want to sell; on the target customers that you want to reach out and on your main competitors. Learn more about the following trade markets, and please do not hesitate to contact our international law firm if you have any questions.


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The United Kingdom is one of the largest economic markets of the world and an important trading partner for many Countries, including the USA. It is a part of the European Free Trade Association as well as a member of the World Trade Organisation. London, its capital, is currently regarded as an important financial hub due to the presence of all the major international banks and financial institutions. A simple and competitive tax rate system (corporation tax is the lowest in the G7 and joint lowest in the G20), a transparent regulatory system, low-interest rates and the government’s incentives, are the main factors for which many businesses decided more often to start or expand their business in the United Kingdom.

  • Finance, banking and business services
  • Manufacturing
  • Creative industries
  • Film
  • Steel
  • Automotive
  • Transport equipment
  • Oil and gas.
  • Easy ways to set up and run a business.
  • Low tax rate environment for foreign investor.
  • Political and economic stability.
  • A legislation encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • An open and fair market and easy access to talents.
  • World leader in innovation, ranking second only to the USA for the quality of its research base.
  • Easy way to register a property;
  • A variety of helpful financial schemes.
  • Regulation. After leaving Eu, the UK will be free to establish its own regulations in sectors such as tax, finance and legal, tailored to its own needs, with many more benefits for new businesses.


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Although the UAE was really unattractive and undeveloped twenty years ago, it is now one of the most important countries in the world due to its free approach to business and commerce, environments and regulations. The core business is Dubai, an innovation and futuristic city which offers high quality of living and attracts a lot of local and international entrepreneurs for its innovative facilities, infrastructures, and government’s policy.  Over the years, many businesses have decided to start or expand their business in Dubai, exploiting some benefits such as the lack of taxation on corporate/personal income, the low customs duties and tariffs, the absence of trade barriers, the political and economic stability, and a competitive real estate cost.

  • Oil Production;
  • Real Estate;
  • Retail;
  • Aluminium Smelting;
  • Cement;
  • Fish Processing;
  • Fish Meal;
  • Natural Gas Liquefaction;
  • Steel Milling.
  • Competitive import duties (4% with many exemptions)
  • Competitive energy costs
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • No trade barriers
  • Competitive real estate costs
  • Competitive financing costs and high levels of liquidity
  • No tax on either personal income or capital gains and English is widely spoken in business circles in the country.


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China is the one of the fastest growing emerging market in the world as well as one of the most appealing countries for doing investments. Over the years, thanks to the program of economic reforms began in 1978 and the massive government’s investment programs, China has become the world’s second-largest economy and a really important manufacturing hub to supporting the trade growth. China is a member of the World Trade Organisation since 2001 and has engaged in several bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements with Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Korea, Pakistan, Peru, New Zealand, and Singapore. Moreover, there is another FTAs under negotiation with Europe. China has a substantive bearing on global economic performance. Since 2010, it’s the world’s largest exporter and second-largest importer of merchandise goods, as well as the fifth largest exporter and third largest importer of commercial services.

  • Mining and ore processing
  • Iron, steel, aluminium and other metals
  • Coal
  • Machine building
  • Armaments
  • Textiles and apparel
  • Petroleum
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilisers
  • Consumer products, including footwear, toys and electronics
  • Food processing
  • Transportation equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Commercial space launch vehicles
  • Satellites
  • Major emerging market;
  • Large trained labor pool;
  • Dynamic fast-growing economy;
  • Rapidly increasing consumer wealth;
  • Very low employment costs;
  • Local managers lack strong management skills;
  • China’s consumer class is expanding fast.


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Thanks to its geographic position, at the centre of the Mediterranean, Italy is regarded as an important logistics hub with a highly diversified export structure and strong manufacturing sector, as well as a trade centre that attracts buyers from all parts of the world. Italy has a qualified workforce, with high technical understanding and experience in sectors such as manufacturing, food and beverage, tourism, automotive and fashion. A lot of products “made in Italy” are more often expected abroad in high quantity over the last years: Ferrari, Fiat, Ferrero, Armani are just a few of those. The Italy’s government, thanks to various resource allocated by EU, is currently supporting and encouraging the investments in research and development, especially in the southern regions, with several measures: tax incentives for technological starts up, tax credits, full deductibility from local tax of labour costs for employees hired on a permanent basis.

  • Tourism;
  • machinery;
  • iron and steel;
  • chemicals;
  • food processing;
  • textiles;
  • motor vehicles;
  • clothing;
  • footwear;
  • ceramics shrunk.
  • Strategic logistic hub, being a gateway to million consumers across the European Union, northern Africa and Middle East.
  • High level at research and innovation in many fields of life sciences (e.g. neurosciences), physics and engineering (e.g. robotics), and social sciences and humanities (e.g. high tech archaeology).
  • Incomparable quality of life;
  • key role in manufacturing and International trade.
  • several found sourcing at European level.
  • global competitiveness. Start/expand a business in Italy enables you to gain an in-depth know how in leading sectors, such as machinery and automation, fashion, design, and food.


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Spain is the thirteenth largest economic power in the world and is ranked fifth in Europe as to the gross domestic product (GDP).
Thanks to its geographic position, Spain is an important gateway to the European continent from South American countries as well as from Europe to Latin America. Over the years, international investors are more often deciding to start and grow a business model in Spain as well as buying a commercial/private property there.
There are great business opportunities in expanding sectors, such as new communication, automotive, aerospace, environmental and pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology technologies and several fiscal incentives to forest research, development and innovation. Moreover, investors can benefit from having access to various European aid programs.

  • Automotive;
  • Tourism;
  • Food and beverages;
  • Metals and metal manufactures;
  • Chemicals;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Footwear
  • Spain’s economy is currently growing at a very high rate. Spanish exports have been significantly increasing in the last two years, and as a result the traditional trade balance deficit is being drastically cut. At the same way, Spanish companies have been investing abroad gaining international competitiveness.
  • Strategic position with access to a potential market of over 1.2 billion consumers in Europe, Latin America and North Africa.
  • Good level of science and technology.
  • Attractive tax regime to start/expand a business.
  • Several incentives at European, national, regional and local levels from which investors can benefit.
  • Stable political system.


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The United States is the world’s largest economy with a population and consumer market of more than 310 million people. It has a stable economic, political, and legal structure that offer a wealth of opportunities for foreign companies and investors.
The USA is the world’s third-largest producer of oil and natural gas, the second largest trading nation in the world and the second largest manufacturer. It has entered into several free trade agreements with 19 countries, providing access to a further 415 million customers for the U.S. goods and services.
The dollar is still the most powerful currency in the world.
The USA is an ideal place to do business, having significant natural resources, a healthy labour market, and solid industries.
Likeways, the USA offers a wide range of funding sources on the purpose of enhancing innovation and expansion.

  • Energy;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Healthcare;
  • Transportation;
  • Agriculture.
  • The USA are the largest market in the world;
  • easy ways of doing business: regulatory environment suitable to start/expand a business;
  • innovation: USA is regarded as the leader in research and development, and registers more international patents than any other country;
  • access to various and distinct funding sources. The USA’s Government aims at enabling innovation and expansion;
  • the USA is rich of natural resources, such as petroleum and oil;
  • the USA has the top brands marks (Coca Cola, Apple, Google);


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