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1948 Case

Even if you are affected by the so-called 1948 rule, you can still claim your rights to Italian citizenship via the judicial route. Find out the requirements for claiming Italian citizenship via the judicial court and speak to our specialist advisors about our services today.

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About the so-called 1948 rule

If any of your Italian ancestors along the direct bloodline was a woman who gave birth to her descendant before January 1, 1948, the available procedure to obtain formal recognition of Italian citizenship is a judicial proceeding before the Italian Courts. This scenario is generally referred to as the 1948 case.

Under previous legislation, in fact, Italian women were not equally treated as men – they could not pass Italian citizenship on to their offspring before 1st January 1948. Moreover, if they gained foreign citizenship by marrying a foreign man, they were not allowed to keep their Italian citizenship.

Rest assured, even if your case falls under the above scenario, you may still claim your rights to Italian citizenship. As of 2009, many claimants have been successful. 

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Find out the requirements for claiming Italian citizenship by descent and speak to our specialist advisors about our services today.

What We Offer

We provide bespoke assistance to foreigners who want to claim their rights to Italian citizenship in court. You do not need to come to Italy. Our Italy-based lawyers will represent you in Court, and we will follow all the bureaucratic matters. After the Judge’s decision, we will help you register your vital records with the Italian town hall of your ancestor.

Certified translations cannot be used for legal proceedings in Italy. We assist you in validating your translations under oath in Italy.

We apply for and obtain certified copies for the relevant documents needed for your application.

Our Italy-based qualified lawyers will represent you in court. 

We provide apostille service on required documents.

What to Expect as an Italian Citizen

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Wonderful Service!

Davide has helped me through the process of applying for Italian Citizenship. Right from my initial query, he has been knowledgeable, patient, efficient, friendly and professional. Every time I have contacted him he has replied quickly, and he has provided wonderful insight as to what to expect at the Italian Consulate. I would definitely recommend Davide and Palazzo Law.

Excellent attention to detail

Davide from Palazzo Law helped me right away with the complication of applying for Italian Citizenship. I was at my wits end by trying to do this myself . He has managed to get all my documents in order and I am now prepared with confidence to make my application . Davide is always available and quick to answer the telephone! I would have given up without his help even though I qualify for citizenship. So the fee was worth it. Many thanks Davide
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Most frequent questions and answers

The process may approximately take 24-36 months.

The Court in Rome no longer has exclusive jurisdiction over 1948 cases. 

As of June 22, 2022, claims can also be filed in the court located in your last Italian ancestor’s birthplace.