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Applying for Italian Citizenship by Descent in the UK

Applying for Italian Citizenship by Descent in the UK

Do you have an Italian background? If one of your great-grandparents was Italian and never naturalized before the birth of the next generation, you may be eligible to apply for Italian citizenship by descent in the UK. Explore an article by an Italian immigration lawyer about Italian citizenship by descent in the UK.

The Popularity of Italian Citizenship by Descent in the UK and Dual Citizenship.

More and more British citizens are seeking Italian citizenship through ancestral heritage, tracing their Italian lineage. The Italian Consulate General revealed that the largest number of citizenship requests in the first half of 2019 was submitted by British citizens, and this number has continued to increase. The popularity of Italian citizenship by descent in the UK is on the rise in 2023 since the UK’s Brexit decision has led to significant changes in the rights of UK citizens residing in the EU.

Let’s explore how this has changed in the past 4 years. Mr. Davide Palazzo, a qualified Italian lawyer, and founder of Palazzo Law Boutique, has just recently been interviewed by Italics Magazine about “Why Italian citizenship by descent in the UK is so popular in 2023?” – Read the full interview here.

“The emotional connection people have with their Italian heritage is often rooted in the stories they have heard about their great-grandparents. Becoming Italian citizens is instrumental in allowing individuals to reignite their ties with their Italian ancestry and connect with their Italian roots once again.”

— Davide Palazzo, a qualified Italian lawyer in the UK, interviewed with Italics Magazine “Why Italian citizenship by descent in the UK is so popular?” on July 27, 2023.

He has been assisting UK clients in obtaining Italian citizenship for the past 10 years, even before Brexit. Over the last 4 years, he has observed significant changes in this process, and the growing popularity of applying for Italian citizenship in the UK can be attributed, in part, to Brexit. The number of UK citizens seeking Italian citizenship, especially in the case of Italian citizenship by descent in the UK, has been on the rise.

What Are the Benefits of Dual Citizenship for UK Citizens with Italian Ancestors?

For UK citizens with Italian ancestry, dual citizenship brings an array of advantages. By holding both UK and Italian citizenships, individuals can fully embrace their Italian heritage while retaining their rights as British citizens. The benefits include ease of travel and work in EU countries, access to healthcare and education opportunities, cultural connection, retire in Italy, and the ability to own property in Italy. Dual citizenship also allows voting rights in both nations and facilitates business and investment ventures. Overall, it offers a profound sense of belonging and an opportunity to explore the best of both worlds.

How Can You Apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent in the UK?

Applying for Italian citizenship by descent is a remarkable way to reconnect with your Italian heritage. Eligibility is based on the Jure Sanguinis principle, which allows the transmission of Italian citizenship from parents to their children. To apply, gather essential documents such as birth and marriage certificates of your Italian ancestors. Verify your eligibility and research specific requirements at the Italian consulate. Complete the application form accurately and submit it along with the required documents. After the consulate processes your application, you’ll receive a decision on your Italian citizenship status. Once approved, you can apply for an Italian passport, solidifying your status as an Italian citizen.

How a Law Firm Can Help You with Italian citizenship application?

Enlisting a law firm experienced in Italian immigration can greatly assist you with your citizenship application. With expert guidance, the law firm will assess your eligibility for Italian citizenship by descent based on the Jure Sanguinis principle. They will prepare your documents and submit your application, handle all communication with the Italian consulate, and ensure your documents meet the requirements. The law firm streamlines the application process, reducing the likelihood of errors or delays. Having legal representation also provides peace of mind, ensuring your interests are protected throughout the application journey.

If you’re considering applying for Italian citizenship and Italian residency or have encountered challenges with your current application, Contact us or book a free 10-minute discovery call with one of our experienced lawyers. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized and effective legal solutions to meet your needs, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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