Are you considering acquiring Italian dual citizenship but have no idea where to start from? No worries at all, we can guide you throughout all the process, both in and out of Court. With solid experience working on Italian citizenship matters, we stand out for our successful stories as well as for our commitment to providing bespoke legal services in a professional and reliable way!

Palazzo Law Boutique is a boutique Italian law firm internationally recognised for Italian citizenship practice areas. And our team of attorneys and consultants, with full-time experience in Italian laws, are readily available to offer expert support to our Australians, US, and other international clients on how to become a citizen of Italy.

Italian citizenship is currently regulated by Italian Law no. 91/1992, as amended since, which sets out the legislation applicable to descendants of Italian citizens claiming citizenship and foreigners applying for Italian citizenship. As of 1992, Italian law also recognises the right to hold more than one citizenship simultaneously as well as offers the opportunity to acquire or regain Italian citizenship when it was lost under previous regulations. 

As a general rule, you might be entitled to Italian citizenship if you: 

Our Italian dual citizenship services are designed to help you understand how to follow the instructions provided by the Italian Authorities for the submissions of your documents so that you can take all the necessary steps, requirements and documents that are needed to apply for Italian citizenship. And our lawyers in Italy also offer step-by-step legal assistance and representation in court – for instance, if your case is affected by the so-called 1948 rule.

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