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Social Media Influencer Marketing: How To Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Social media influencer marketing is a trending phenomenon nowadays, with Brands looking for influencers to advertising their products or services on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any other suitable social media platform. The reason is evident: generating more sales by increasing the number of followers and consolidating their brand awareness across the web. Likewise, influencers are attracted by the […]

Freelance Legal Services

The ever-growing trend of freelance services across a multitude of creative industries is starting to set foot in the legal field, offering new opportunities for both solicitors and their clientele.  Who Are Freelance Lawyers? The path of a freelance solicitor often goes hand in hand with risks of financial instability as well as competition with […]

Setting up a limited company in the UK: Here’s all you need to know

Alt = Setting myself up as a limited company

As it is a popular type of business in the UK, it’s fairly simple to set up a limited company. However, you should never take the process lightly since it includes quite a few crucial steps. From choosing a company name to its registration, here is a step-by-step guide to establishing your business. Choosing a […]