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Creating business plans

Alt = creating business planA good business strategy is a key to go globally and help you to understand what are the options available for engaging an international business, what are the main issues in successfully going global, which customers to target, what products to offer and the best way to keep cost low and services high.

When it comes to starting or growing a business, many entrepreneurs start worrying on how to put their great idea into the market as quick as possible without thinking about their costs and potential profits in the first two years of trading, i.e. the most important period to evaluate whether a business model may be successful or not.

Creating business plans will not only help you monitor your business progress but will also enable you to apply to business loans programs, grants or angel investments. Here is where you would say: “creating business plans is quite easy if you use  software”. Yes, that is true, but is software really capable of highlighting the viability and attractiveness of your innovative ideas? Also, would you really be so brave to risk securing a business loan by using a software?

At Palazzo Law Boutique we appreciate the challenges of starting up and scaling up a new business, especially internationally, and have helped numerous startups put their business idea on a sound legal footing.

Our business plans are written by experts lawyers who have worked from top city law firms. They understand how to turn your business idea into an awesome and profitable business model.

Stop creating business plans yourself, contact us on +44 203239 9065. We offer a free 30 minutes consultation. 


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We are excellent business plan writers, but foremost expert business lawyers

Palazzo’s lawyers based in the City of London are on hand to meet the needs of entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business in the U.K. We also provide legal services to clients doing business in Italy, USA, United Arab Emirates and elsewhere. As business visionaries, we know excellence and quality legal advice is what is needed to excel in today’s economy both locally and globally.

Call us on +44 203239 9065 for a free consultation.

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Not only business plans writing, we also offer consultancy and legal services

We assist a diverse range of clients ranging from individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, and distributors, to large multinational companies, helping them exploit profitable business opportunities while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Our lawyers are passionate about strategising with clients to achieve successful results and optimism compliance with government agencies.

Call us on +44 203239 9065 for a free consultation.

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Willing to start an import & Export business? Find out our Import & Export business opportunities

If you want to start an import/export business, please do get in touch! As international trade lawyers, we work with local agents, importers, exporters, and investors on a daily basis so being able to pick up the most profitable import export business opportunities for you, both at national and international level. Learn more about some business opportunities we are now working on!

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