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Italian citizenship in Italy

Everything you need to know | Apply for Italian citizenship in Italy

Applying for Italian citizenship in Italy offers certain advantages and considerations. It can bypass the lengthy wait times and bureaucracy often encountered at consulates abroad. 

With the increasing interest in obtaining Italian citizenship, many people are looking to claim citizenship through descent.

Additionally, due to the high number of applications, consulates often have limited availability for appointments, which can result in long wait times.

As a result, there has been a growing interest in exploring alternative options.

However, the process can be quite difficult, particularly when it comes to getting an appointment at the Italian consulate in your country.

This includes the possibility of taking legal action against the Italian authorities on the grounds of denial of justice, as well as applying for Italian citizenship in Italy at the local municipality.

Italian citizenship in Italy

What are the basic requirements to apply for Italian citizenship in Italy?

To be eligible for Italian citizenship in Italy, one must fulfill the primary requirement of being a legal resident of the specific Italian region where the application is submitted.

Step-by-step: How to apply for Italian citizenship in Italy

Step-by-step: How to apply for Italian citizenship in Italy

1) Initiating residency

The process of establishing residency varies depending on whether you travel directly to Italy or have a layover in another Schengen country before arriving in Italy.

This involves obtaining a stamp on your passport or filling a declaration of presence with the Questura within 8 days of arrival.

These actions serve as the beginning of the residency process.

Obtaining a rental agreement in advance would be beneficial for your residency permit application, known as a permesso di soggiorno.

By contrast, a declaration of hospitality will be required if you intend to stay with family or friends.

2) Residency Confirmation

After initiating residency, your paperwork will be processed, and your residency will be officially confirmed.

This typically involves a verification process by the local authorities, which may include an officer visiting your place of residence or a waiting period of around 45 days.

3) Submitting citizenship documents

Once your residency is confirmed, either by the vigile or the 45 days have elapsed from the time you requested residency, you can proceed to submit your citizenship application documents to the appropriate municipal office.

Before gathering your documents to apply for Italian citizenship in Italy, you should check the specific documents required by your comune, as these requirements can vary from one comune to another.

You can begin your research online by searching for the name of your comune followed by “Cittadinanza jure sanguinis” to see if the website provides a list of required documents.

The comune officer will request your residency paperwork and documents folder, this includes various vital records such as birth, death, marriage, divorce and naturalisation certificates.

You should also ensure that your English documents are accurately translated into Italian by a certified translator. 

Once the documents are handed in, you will be issued an “attestato di non rinuncia”/ “dichiarazione di mancata rinuncia”.

4) Verification from Consulates

The municipal office will then request that the relevant consulates in the areas where you and your ascendants have lived confirm that none of your family members have renounced their right to Italian citizenship.

The response time from consulates may vary, but once all responses are received and verified, your citizenship process moves forward.

5) Citizenship Confirmation

Upon confirmation from the consulates, the mayor will sign off on your citizenship, and you will receive notification from the municipal office.

Subsequently, your birth certificate will be transcribed into the local registry.

6) Obtaining Documents

With your Italian citizenship confirmed, you will have to return to the anagrafe’s office to sign your citizenship and then you can proceed to obtain essential documents such as an Italian passport and a carta d’identità (ID Card), either in Italy or at your relevant abroad consulate.

Italian citizenship in Italy

How long does it take to apply for Italian citizenship in Italy?

The processing time for Italian citizenship applications in Italy can vary. 

While most applicants proceed smoothly and quickly, some may take up to six months or longer, depending on various factors such as the workload of the municipal office and any additional documentation requests from consulates.

Is applying for Italian citizenship faster than applying through the Italian consulate?

How can you speed up the Italian citizenship process in Italy?

1) Process timing in Italy

Avoid initiating your application during summertime, which is the peak holiday season in Italy.

Generally, communicating with the Italian comune can already be time-consuming, so starting your application in the summer may result in delays due to staff taking vacations, potentially prolonging the processing time of your application.

2) Selecting a smaller town in Italy

Choosing a smaller town with a smaller comune size may lead to a faster processing time compared to larger cities with higher volumes of requests.

However, smaller municipalities may lack experience in handling Italian citizenship applications, so faster processing is not guaranteed.

It’s advisable to conduct thorough research before deciding, as this requires careful planning in advance.

3) Engage a knowledgeable local Italian speaker

Feedback from individuals applying for Italian citizenship in Italy suggests that having an Italian speaker who can assist you throughout the process can significantly reduce processing time.

Many comune employees are not fluent in English, and some municipalities may lack English speakers altogether.

In conclusion, applying for Italian citizenship in Italy offers a rewarding experience, allowing individuals to establish residency and immerse themselves in Italian life while pursuing citizenship.

With careful adherence to the application process and documentation requirements, applicants can navigate the pathway to Italian citizenship in Italy successfully.

Italian citizenship process in Italy

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