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Italian citizenship by blood timeline

How long does it take to get Italian citizenship by blood?

Do you have at least one Italian ancestor? You may be eligible to apply for Italian citizenship (Jure Sanguinis). We will outline how long it typically takes to acquire Italian citizenship by blood for applicants in the UK.

Please be aware that application processing time for your Italian citizenship by blood application can vary.

The acquisition of necessary documents significantly shapes your timeline. Having more information about your last Italian ancestor (Avo Dante Causa) proves increasingly beneficial for your application. Securing a successful appointment and the specific Italian consulate where you submit your application also impact the determination of the actual duration. 

Now, let’s delve into the details.

Timeline: Italian citizenship by descent

Step 1: Verify Eligibility for Italian Citizenship by blood

Firstly, gather basic information about your ancestor who was born in Italy and your family lineage to answer these questions:

  • Who was your last Italian-born ancestor who moved to the UK?
  • Did he/she marry, and when?
  • Who was the next person in your family lineage born after the last Italian-born ancestor, down to yourself?
  • When was the next person, and everyone else in your family lineage born?

This information may take time to search through old records if you haven’t obtained it yet. Since there are no generational limitations for applying for Italian citizenship by blood. The duration would depend on how many generations you would need to trace back.

Take notes on the details of your parent or grandparent by using online tools or searching through old records to find answers. Regarding naturalisation details and whether your ancestor renounced their Italian citizenship, it’s preferable to know if the last Italian-born ancestor naturalised. While not mandatory, legal services companies typically have the capability to investigate this aspect on your behalf.

After gathering your information, an immigration lawyer will assess your case based on the initial findings. The lawyer will also review the law to determine your eligibility for Italian citizenship by blood.

Please note that even if the initial assessment deems you eligible, additional information may affect your eligibility. The process of obtaining documents, including details like naturalisation from old records, may uncover more accurate information.

Additionally, Italian law is intricate. The fact that your ancestor naturalised does not necessarily mean you are not qualified for Italian citizenship by blood. It is advisable to consult immigration lawyers for precise guidance and accurate results.

What is the expected duration of this step? You can complete this initial step within 1-2 weeks. The timeline for collecting information about your ancestor may vary depending on the existing details you possess.

Once you discuss your case with an immigration lawyer, they can evaluate it. The assessment would be able to inform you regarding your eligibility for Italian citizenship by blood.

Step 2: Document Preparation for Italian citizenship by blood

Once the initial assessment is successful, a lawyer will inform you of the Italian consulate with jurisdiction over your application. They will then prepare the necessary documentation, including birth certificates and application folders, based on your situation.

Every case is unique to your situation. At this stage, a lawyer will review the necessary documents and prepare them for submission to the Italian consulate. This step also includes translation and legalisation.

How long does it usually take to prepare the documents? This process usually takes 1-2 months for professional legal services.

The duration is also dependent on the responsiveness of third parties. This is because the required documents need to be requested from Italy, the UK, and other countries.

Step 3: Book an Appointment with the Italian Consulate

You can start booking an appointment with the Italian consulate with jurisdiction over your application. If you are applying within the UK, it can be your local Italian consulate in London, Manchester, or Edinburgh.

Booking the appointment is a free service, and there should be no associated fees. It’s important to note that it is illegal for a company to book an appointment on your behalf, as this is a personal matter.

Begin the appointment booking process at the appropriate time—avoid doing so too far in advance to ensure that your appointment aligns with the readiness of your documents.

Additionally, familiarising yourself with the booking platform beforehand would enhance your chances of securing an appointment.

The timeline for booking an appointment with the Italian consulate can vary based on how busy the consulate is. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the consulate with jurisdiction over your application. You can check available slots for appointments at the Italian consulates in London and Manchester by registering with Prenot@mi and visiting the booking page.

Step 4: Await Your Results!

As of December 20, 2020, the Italian government legally set the waiting time for Italian citizenship applications at 24 to 36 months. While the law grants the Italian consulate the right to retain Italian citizenship applications for this period, it does not necessarily mean it will take the full 2 years. The processing time could be shorter by several months or up to a year.

The processing time is subject to factors such as the workload of the consulate handling the application. The completeness of the application and the workload of relevant authorities also play an important role. However, if you are confident in your eligibility and if your documents are in the correct format, the results may reassure you.

Once the Italian consulate confirms your successful application, you will become an Italian citizen. Afterward, you will be eligible to apply for an Italian passport. Additionally, it’s essential to create an online account for the Register of Italians living abroad (A.I.R.E.) to access consular services in the future.

If you are interested in applying for Italian dual citizenship, book a free 15-minute discovery call with our team. During this call, we will discuss your details and guide you on how to proceed with your application. Check out our reviews to learn more about the experiences of our clients.

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