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Italian Citizenship by Descent

If you have Italian ancestry, you may be eligible to apply for Italian citizenship by descent. Find out the requirements for claiming Italian citizenship by descent and speak to our specialist advisors about our services today.

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About Italian citizenship

Italian citizenship by descent is based upon the principle of jure sanguinis, which means “right of blood”. It implies that the child born to an Italian father or mother is also an Italian citizen automatically. Therefore, individuals with Italian ancestry may qualify for Italian citizenship jure sanguinis. You must prove that your ancestor (the one born in Italy and emigrated abroad) was an Italian citizen when he/she left Italy and had Italian citizenship when the next descent in line was born. 

#1 Requirement

Your Italian ancestor must have been alive after 17th March 1861

#3 requirement

Ancestors who naturalised before June 14, 1912, are not able to transfer their citizenship even to children who were born before they naturalised

Do You Qualify?

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#2 requirement

When using an Italian-born female ancestor or female intermediate ascendant, the child must have been born on or after January 1, 1948

#4 requirement

All Italian citizens that naturalised as citizens of another country before 1992, automatically lost their citizenship. No formal renunciation was required.

Discover the freedom to stay in the EU, visa-free

Find out the requirements for claiming Italian citizenship by descent and speak to our specialist advisors about our services today.

What We Offer

We provide bespoke assistance to foreigners who want to obtain Italian citizenship by descent. Is your case affected by the so-called 1948 rule, which prevents the transmission of Italian citizenship by women before 1948? Then you will have to consider filing court actions against such a rule.

We provide certified translations for your Italian citizenship claim.

We assist you in collecting documents and certificates needed for your Italian citizenship application.

Our Italy-based lawyers are readily available to help you along the way of becoming an Italian citizen via the judicial route.

Foreign certificates must be legalised to be valid under Italian law. We provide apostille service on required documents.

What to Expect as an Italian Citizen

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Visa-free travel

Travel to more than 140 countries without a visa application

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Favorable Taxation

Save foreign income without paying tax

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Work & Live anywhere in the EU

Allowance movement throughout the European Union


What people say?

I went to Palazzo Law Boutique as I needed help applying for Italian citizenship

I went to Palazzo Law Boutique as I wanted to apply for Italian citizenship by descent and my case was a little complicated. The service provided was second to none; Davide helped me understand what was required for the application and helped me compile the necessary documentation. I am delighted to say that just 5 months after he put the paperwork together and my application was submitted to the consolato italiano, I received notification that it was successful. Sono ora cittadino italiano. Grazie Davide!

Exactly the kind of lawyer you'd hope to get

I was needing a professional with experience to help me with the minefield of paperwork required by the Italian Consulate and came across Davide at Palazzo. I can genuinely say that it was the kind of service you'd hope for from a lawyer, meaning that not only do you get the service you were expecting and paying for but sometimes you also just need a little help and advice and that's exactly what Davide was. He helped me get my application done, supported all the way through, particularly as mine turned out to be a little more tricky, and never hesitated to have a quick chat or offer some friendly, professional advice.
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Most frequent questions and answers

The citizenship application should be processed within 730 days. 

Yes, you can. As long as you are not affected by the so-called 1948 case. Otherwise, you will have to have legal proceedings in Italy. Contact us for more information. 

Yes, of course! If you live abroad, you may apply for it  at the local Italian consulate in your home country.