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No appointment italian embassy

No appointment at Italian Embassy for Citizenship? | Your new solution

Getting a NO appointment Italian embassy in the U.K., especially in London and Manchester, can be frustrating and challenging.

If you have been waiting endlessly with no light at the end of the tunnel, there is a new way – last updated in 2024 – to solve this issue!

You no longer have to wait; you can bring your case to court in Italy and skip the appointment wait. The judge will be able to grant your citizenship rights without the need to go through the Italian consulate.

No more endless waiting for Italian citizenship and potentially faster than going through the Italian consulate route (although it is not guaranteed, it is generally quicker).

Explore further in this article for more details.

How to book an appointment with the Italian embassy / consulate for Italian citizenship?

 Follow these steps:

When applying for Italian citizenship, you would need to identify whether you need to book an appointment with the Italian consulate in Edinburgh, London, or Manchester.

Booking appointments with the Italian embassy in the U.K. can be done by 2 ways which would depend on your Italian consulate.

If you need an appointment with the Italian consulate in Edinburgh, you can request it via email.

For appointments with the Italian consulate in London and Manchester, you must use the Prenot@mi system. This system is specifically designed for booking appointments with Italian consulates and streamlines the process for applicants.

What is Prenot@mi?

Prenot@mi” is an online booking platform used for scheduling appointments with the Italian embassy or consulate.

It is specifically designed to facilitate appointments for various services, including Italian citizenship applications. 

The platform, also known as “prenotazione” in Italian, enables users to book appointments for services such as passport applications, citizenship matters, and electronic identity card issuance.

How to book the Italian embassy appointment using Prenot@mi?

You can book an appointment through Prenot@mi at The platform is designed with innovative features to ensure user identification and offer a user-friendly interface. 

You need to register an online account on the website and log in to book your appointment.

This is the only way to book appointments with the Italian consulate in London and Manchester for Italian citizenship application. Italian consulates do not accept bookings by phone or in person.

Why is there no appointment at Italian embassy?

It has been a hot topic online due to the challenges associated with securing an appointment with the Italian consulate.

Every year since Brexit, numerous people in the U.K. have sought to apply for Italian citizenship.

Individuals who had appointments with the Italian embassy scheduled between 2020 and 2021 before the pandemic faced disruptions.

Consequently, their appointments were postponed to the post-pandemic period, leading to a significant increase in workload for Italian consulates and making it difficult for people to secure appointments.

It is important to note that having a company book an appointment on your behalf is illegal. Therefore, the responsibility falls solely on you to keep trying until you succeed.

No appointment italian embassy

No appointments available at the Italian embassy at all?

If you are unable to find an available appointment when logging into Prenot@MI and accessing the calendar, it means that there are currently no openings.

Have you been waiting endlessly for an appointment, whether it’s been 3 months or a year, trying to log in at different times such as in the morning or at 5 pm, setting daily reminders, but still couldn’t secure an appointment?

There is a way to end this endless wait!

A new solution for the appointment at Italian embassy

If you have been attempting to schedule an appointment without success, you can take your case to court in Italy. 

By doing so, you can fast-track your application directly to a judge in Italy to be granted Italian citizenship

How does it work?

To begin, let’s delve into this law.

There exists an Italian law dictating the timeline within which the Italian consulate must process Italian citizenship applications—specifically, within 24 – 36 months after submission.

Should the Italian consulate fail to process your application within this timeframe, you have the option to bring your case to court in Italy as a denial of justice.

It’s important to note that the 24 – 36 months period commences after the application is submitted to the Italian consulate.

Given the court in Italy’s general acceptance of denial of justice cases, it is possible to bring forward the case of being unable to secure an appointment to the court in Rome as a similar matter. 

This process mirrors the 1948 case, with the court in Italy possessing the authority to grant citizenship.

In addition to submitting your application, pursuing your case in court may potentially expedite the process of obtaining Italian citizenship faster than through the Italian consulate route (though there are no guarantees, it is likely to be faster).

How to bring your no-appointment at Italian embassy to court?

You can bring your case to court in the jurisdiction area of your ancestors.

All you need is proof that you were unable to book an appointment at the Italian consulate under your jurisdiction, which could be either the Italian consulate in London or Manchester in this case.

You can try taking a screenshot of your screen every day showing the unavailability of appointments and save it in the same folder.

We recommend having at least 5 – 6 months of evidence to present to the court.

The legal process can take approximately up to 24 months, but typically it takes less time depending on the workload of the judge.

However, once the court in Rome processes your case, they can grant your Italian citizenship immediately without requiring you to go through the Italian consulate again.

No appointment italian embassy

Can you include your family members in the no-appointment case at the Italian embassy?

Yes! If there are more than one applicant in your family, this would likely be the easiest and fastest way to have your Italian citizenship granted along with your family members at the same time.

Typically, when applying through the Italian consulate, you would need to book an appointment for each applicant separately.

Consider how challenging it is to secure just one appointment. Now, imagine if you have five applicants in your family; it would increase the workload fivefold for you.

Therefore, this approach would be beneficial, especially when you have multiple applicants from your family.

Interested in pursuing this route?

We can assist you! Find more details below.

If you are interested in pursuing this route to apply for Italian citizenship, book a free 15-minute discovery call with our team. During this call, we will discuss your details and guide you on how to proceed with your application.

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